Hi, For the past couple of years I have worked on establishing a website that would be informative, music-mind related and support my lifelong interest in playing the piano and listening to music of all sorts, as well as to share my curiosity about us and our brains.

As perhaps for you, my music preferences often changes, depending upon my mood, my situation (car/home/concerts) and my desire to keep hearing new music and instruments. I was trained in classical music by very traditional teachers. I experienced playing in orchestras, recitals, organizations, ragtime piano events and most recently in ukulele group learning and playing.

My desire to have music more central in my life became real after I had jobs that paid for the bread, so to speak, and when I retired. But even then, music came after I decided to earn a masters degree in Social Work, which had also been a long held life goal. Now I finished all that is "responsible," I am excited to begin on my most rewarding and enjoyable venture in Coaching and Instructing Adults who want to learn, maybe for the first time, how to play the piano.

Under the Collection, PIANO COACHING AND INSTRUCTION, you will find a two page brochure that lists other background information. In the collection, COMPOSITIONS, you can view and listen to some of the pieces I have composed.  So far there are two Exhibits related to music which you might find interesting as a side note to playing and enjoying music. If you would rather, at your leisure, scan the various items uploaded as part of a Collection or Exhibit.

I hope you will enjoy becoming a Piano Player, if that is your goal, and will find all shared here brain-worthy.