Beginning as a learning passion, piano playing and I developed simultaneously.

For years it was piano lessons and recitals, then a little experimentation with music other than classical which was quickly followed by a time of prolonged absence of music and piano playing
When a piano came into my house and life, music exploded in the form of the pieces included here, except for Caden, Joy, Deliberation, and other orchestrations which came later.
Compositions happen for me because of some event or mood or thought that creates music sounds instead of word sounds for expression. Consequently, the descriptions are more about time and mood. I had no theoretical direction of frame of reference (except for rags) not did I have in mind publishing or playing the pieces for others. I just went with the brain waves and enjoyed the process and outcome!

As time allows, I would will correct and share theoretical analysis points of the pieces, but it doesn’t make the pieces any better or worse, just looked at more analytically than experientially.

Other comments are about recording with rudimentary software and equipment.



Items in the COMPOSITIONS Collection

Deliberation is written reflecting the discussions imagined by my parents concerning the purchase of my "First Piano," mentioned in the Exhibit, "Years of Piano."  I wanted to find a way to express my way of coming into music through music.  This…

Joy is a light-hearted orchestration, expanding upon the piece Caden.

This piece, Isasitis, expressed my thoughts about acceptance of what was and moving forward. I later made a piano-based orchestration.  Since the sounds often don't sound like the real acoustic instruments, I have included the sheet music pdf of…

Diversity came at a time when difference was often a negative issue, personally as a single mom and socially when culture and personal sexual identity became individual self-definers, rather than biological appearance, race or skin color.

Away represents my changing moods as my children left to stay at their dad's and return. Perhaps this is a piece I could eventually orchestrate.  I think it might sound bold yet endearingly sad.

This piece, Composite, seems, to be a mixture of styles.  It was just what my mind was hearing at that time plus trying to broaden my music expression.  This piece should have more nuance, but it is hard to create via midi.

Blues 14
After doing ragtime, I began to branch out in my music-thinking by writing this piece called, Blues 14.  Someone asked how I come up with titles for pieces.  Usually, it’s just at that moment what inspires, but for this piece I honestly don't…

Spring began as a rag march.  In my mind that is what I thought I wanted, but it turned into a waltz with a rag feel, at least for me.  Consequently, it is structured like a rag but plays like a waltz.  I enjoyed playing this piece; it made me…

After writing ragtime and blues type pieces, came, Turn.   I really enjoy playing this piece as it seems to capture a mood of jazzy, bluesy joy for me. I can hear a Dixieland jazz band or such jammin’ on this tune.

Pretty and Pink
Pretty and Pink was a title chosen by my younger son and was my first written piece. At the time, I was attending ragtime events and having fun trying to hit those octaves in the left hand - and with the rapidity of other players! My hands are small,…


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