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Years of Pianos


While looking for pictures of me playing the piano to use as the website header, I ran across some pictures of me playing different pianos and at different locations.  I think my sons might have taken a few of these pictures (judging from the location), but others remain just mysteriously snapped reminders. 

The when, where and why of those pictures resulted in this exhibit, “Years of Pianos.”  Determining how to describe each photo took a little more thinking about the importance and relevance of each piano in my life over time.  Not wishing to be boring, I hope I described each to show how important playing the piano was throughout my life.



world music logo.png

World Music, a music course I dropped.  But I really liked the textbook, World Music: A global Journey, by Terry E. Miller and Andres Shahriarim, just not attending class.   

But it is hard for me to just sit and read a textbook without some sort of application.  That’s when I realized that this website was ideal for presenting various culture’s music.  I just had to figure out how to present the information.  The textbook is well-organized and provides a foundation of information to expand upon.  With internet resources, research is time consuming yet productive in finding extra or explanatory information, recordings, and pictures.              

Already I better visualize cultures through their use of music and begin to appreciate the breadth of sounds missing from my Westernized music education and experience.  This is a long-term project, so added information will appear one culture at a time.  For me, this is a rich journey for anyone’s bucket list.


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The BRAIN is the platform for the MIND “that regulates the flow of energy and information.  MINDSIGHT is focused attention that allows us to see the internal workings of our own minds” enabling us to visualize and transform our inner workings into actions and thoughts. (Daniel Siegel, MD, Mindsight,

This collection is about the actions we might choose as adults for COMFORT.