World Music, a music course I dropped.  But I really liked the textbook, World Music: A global Journey, by Terry E. Miller and Andres Shahriarim, just not attending class.   

But it is hard for me to just sit and read a textbook without some sort of application.  That’s when I realized that this website was ideal for presenting various culture’s music.  I just had to figure out how to present the information.  The textbook is well-organized and provides a foundation of information to expand upon.  With internet resources, research is time consuming yet productive in finding extra or explanatory information, recordings, and pictures.              

Already I better visualize cultures through their use of music and begin to appreciate the breadth of sounds missing from my Westernized music education and experience.  This is a long-term project, so added information will appear one culture at a time.  For me, this is a rich journey for anyone’s bucket list.