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Music House

Second Piano!

Second Piano Second Piano First Piano Music Teacher Piano

Finally, a piano!  An old, 54” upright with ivory keys and a loud-loud voice.  Perfect for playing rags, which I was into at the time. 

My older son is practicing his sax in the top picture and I look like I am conducting the piano in the next picture.  The thirdt picture is the multi-use piano for birthday times with my grinning sons.  The final picture are elementary school kids practicing some choir music for a school presentation. 

We were now in Sunnyvale, CA, living in a happily diverse neighborhood.  Since it was a house, I could play most anytime without worrying about the neighbors, as I had to in later moves.  I was attending ragtime band events and learning to play those fast, syncopated pieces, s l o w l y.  It was at this piano, that I wrote most of the pieces included in this website’s collection, “Compositions.” 

While living here, I taught preschool children, ages 3-4, at Challenger, a preschool in San Jose.  My younger son was in my class while I was teaching at this preschool.  The curriculum relied heavily on being able to play the piano, which is why I got the job!  I then created a business, Music House, and taught at my sons’ elementary school, singing, dancing, listening – no instruments (they still had a music program, thankfully). 

I was offered a job at another school in Palo Alto, but it wasn’t enough of a salary to live on, so I declined. Needing to work full-time, now a single parent, I substituted in Special Education classes.  I hoped I could transfer my Special Education teaching experience and college courses accomplished in New Jersey to CA.  The goal was to gain a probational position teaching while completing the course requirements.    Unfortunately, San Jose State University required more courses than I had time to pursue or money available. 

I really enjoyed this piano, -those times full of music and the freedom to bang out tunes and compose at all hours!