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Piano Size Midi-Keyboard

Keyboard Keyboard Timpani

To be nearer to my work, I moved to a condo in San Jose.  My piano went to a co-worker since the sound would be too loud, now that I had adjacent owners.  As a replacement, I purchased the Kurzweil keyboard seen in the first picture. 

Although the keyboard is now failing in some of its capacities, the Grand Piano sound is still great, replicating a Bosendorfer, and works as a midi with my notation software.  Although not the same as playing an acoustic piano, the keyboard keys play with the weight and feel of regular piano keys. 

During the next twenty-five years (oh, my), I continued playing and attempting new compositions and orchestrations.  With trepidation, I accepted a job playing the piano for the church of the Salvation Army Rehab Center in San Jose and their church in Sunnyvale.  I had not played for others in a LONG time.  Slowly I adjusted and enjoyed the two years I was a part of this giving organization. 

Still wanting to play with people rather than just for myself, I was given the opportunity to play timpani with the HP Symphonic Orchestra.  What chutzpah!  It was certainly a learning experience for me that the orchestra supported graciously.  At times I am sure, however, they were wondering when they would get a REAL timpanist!  I got to play other percussive instruments, including the keyboard – so I was stoked.  (Note the Halloween get-up picture). Even though motivated to learn and practice timpani, having the job to lug the four kettles around, was too much.  After 1 ½ years I left, the orchestra, sadly.    

Once retired, I obtained an MSW degree and completed three internships in personal counseling.  Then I took two years of music theory at West Valley College in Saratoga.  Perhaps it was the students' youth, but I have found these budding musicians less judgmental and more supportive of one another than students in other academic areas I studied.  I felt motivated by these students' passion for music and wanted  share my music enjoyment with others. 

In response to a newspaper article, I bought an ukulele and joined a bi-monthly ukulele group learning, playing, and singing with gusto!  And then, lurking in my files, were materials that I had prepared and used nearly 10 years ago to teach in-home piano to adult beginners.  As I revitalized the materials, I felt the returning desire to share musical experiences with others.  This website found a focus as I prepared it to be a place for adult beginning piano players to see if I could be their teacher and for anyone to listen, read and comment about all that I share. 

As for pianos in the future, I can only hope an acoustic comes around again.  But not having that type of sounding board will not nor has not kept me from following my musically inclined brain.

Piano Size Midi-Keyboard