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Church represents a small mood of spiritual thought.

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Where came about when there were unknown whereabouts.  The music reflects negative

To A Tee.pdf
Although this piece, To A Tee, depicts someone I know, the person for whom it was written didn't find it appropriately descriptive. I tried to represent how I experienced the person, not as a definitive description.  The piece seems a bit spikey…

To Sam.pdf
The daughter of a friend of mine surpassed circumstances admirably.  I wrote To Sam in tribute to her and her mom.

IsAsItIs piano.pdf
This piece, Isasitis, expressed my thoughts about acceptance of what was and moving forward. I later made a piano-based orchestration.  Since the sounds often don't sound like the real acoustic instruments, I have included the sheet music pdf of…

Diversity came at a time when difference was often a negative issue, personally as a single mom and socially when culture and personal sexual identity became individual self-definers, rather than biological appearance, race or skin color.

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Away represents my changing moods as my children left to stay at their dad's and return. Perhaps this is a piece I could eventually orchestrate.  I think it might sound bold yet endearingly sad.

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After writing ragtime and blues type pieces, came, Turn.   I really enjoy playing this piece as it seems to capture a mood of jazzy, bluesy joy for me. I can hear a Dixieland jazz band or such jammin’ on this tune.

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This piece, Composite, seems, to be a mixture of styles.  It was just what my mind was hearing at that time plus trying to broaden my music expression.  This piece should have more nuance, but it is hard to create via midi.

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Blues 14.pdf
After doing ragtime, I began to branch out in my music-thinking by writing this piece called, Blues 14.  Someone asked how I come up with titles for pieces.  Usually, it’s just at that moment what inspires, but for this piece I honestly don't…

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