Pretty and Pink


Pretty and Pink was a title chosen by my younger son and was my first written piece. At the time, I was attending ragtime events and having fun trying to hit those octaves in the left hand - and with the rapidity of other players!

My hands are small, so it was a challenge and my speed was definitely less than others.  But, I loved the syncopation, the uplifting feeling and the fun I had listening to the various local bands and those in nearby hills.

It seemed the pieces of Scott Joplin and others of that time used a standard form.  I tried to follow that in composing this piece.  I now have experienced more contemporary rags that are less structured, but contain the syncopation that makes rags so fun to listen to and to play!

An introduction by Trebor Jay Tichenor in the book, Ragtime Rediscoveries, opens by explaining how ragtime began:

“The 1890’s were a time of musical revolution in America:  a new sound called ragtime burst upon the scene, displacing the maudlin sentimentality, the pallid importations of the Victorian era – syncopation now ruled the nation!”







Christopher E. Ernst

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