Deliberation is written reflecting the discussions imagined by my parents concerning the purchase of my "First Piano," mentioned in the Exhibit, "Years of Piano."  I wanted to find a way to express my way of coming into music through music.  This is one of three parts which will show the beginning, Deliberation, the learning, Development, and Divergence, the ongoing result.


On the sheet music pdf of Deliberation, a lists the instruments can be seen.  These instruments were chosen more by how they sounded on my computer rather than their true acoustic sounds.  I've included a Legend showing what the instrument abbreviations mean. 


I generally like how the piano, trumpet, flute, acoustic base, vibraphone, and timpani sound.  The other instruments are not so good and the viola is awful.  So, doing the best with what I have and only mentally hearing how I think it would sound “for real” is all I can offer.  

If you can imagine like I do, then there is a large orchestra playing this piece in an acoustically marvelous chamber bringing life to the deliberation concerning my venture into music through the piano.


Learning to play piano, is the theme of my next orchestration which is in progress. 


Deliberation Instrument Legend

Fl Flute

Ob Oboe

Cl Clarinet

Bas Bassoon

Hn Horn

Tpt Trumpet

Trb Trombone

Timp Timpani (kettle drums)

Perc Percussion


Vibes Vibraphone

Vln Violin

Vla Viola (Not shown with correct Clef)

Vcl Violoncello (Cello)

DB Double Bass

PlkdB Plucked Bass





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